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Truck Emission Requirements in California:

What do you need to do to be CARB compliant?

dirty smoking truckThis section presents truck emission-related information about heavy-duty highway engines, such as those used in trucks and buses. Our focus is on diesel engines, but requirements may also apply for gasoline-fueled and other spark-ignition engines. The requirements apply to engines installed in all vehicles with Gross Vehicle Weight Rating above 14,000 pounds, and to some engines installed in vehicles with Gross Vehicle Weight Rating between 8,500 and 14,000 pounds.

Our emissions requirements section covers the following topics:

  • CARB Requirements
  • Truck & Bus Rule
  • Compliance Checklist
  • Forms & Applications
  • Donaldson Retrofit Engine Control Systems DPF ESW Group Retrofits Johnson Matthey Catalysts Hug Filter Systems DCL International Retrofit

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